Lungisa is Khumba's mother in the movie, Khumba.


Lungisa gives birth to a male zebra with only half his stripes. She names her son, Khumba. Her mate is Seko, a strong leader of the pack and father of Khumba. The Zebra Clan was confused and mocked him out. Their supersticious clan that is very prideful about stripes blamed his lack of stripes for the lack of rain. Khumba was determined to get his stripes. Lungisa told him she named him Khumba because of the original zebras who were stripeless. One went through the magical waters and gained stripes. The others wanted to be like him and did the same. Lungisa warned her son not to do this but he felt he wanted to. The next day Lungisa died due to sickness and was laying on the ground peacefully, but Seko was so sad about her.



Lungisa is a very loving mother who hopes Khumba will gain his stripes one day. She is proud of him despite what the herd thinks of him. She is gentle and intuitive.


Lungisa is a slim female zebra. She looks very much like her son Khumba.