Lungisa is Khumba's mother in the movie, Khumba.


In the beginning of the movie, Lungisa gives birth to a male zebra with only half his stripes. She names her son Khumba. The Zebra Clan is confused and instantly begins to mock Khumba heavily. Their superstitious, prideful clan blames the lack of rain on Khumba's coat, but Lungisa does not believe this for a moment and loves her son quite unconditionally.

Despite her faltering health as Khumba grows, their bond remains very strong. Lungisa tells her son she named him in reference to an old legend about the first zebras. According to the myth, zebras where all white until one zebra swam in a magic water hole and gained beautiful stripes. The other zebras wanted to be like him and did the same. Lungisa is proud that her son is so unique and beautifully different. She warns her son against the setbacks of being the same as everyone else, but her son does not regard this carefully. She dies from illness soon afterwards, to the heartbreak of Khumba, Seko, and the rest of the clan.



Lungisa is a loving mother who, rather than mock Khumba or hope that he will 'get his stripes', loves him for everything he already is. She is proud of him and insists that he is not 'half a zebra', despite what the herd thinks. She is gentle, tolerant, nurturing, and intuitive. She does not believe that his birth is related to the drought like many others. She is also a very good storyteller.


Lungisa is a slim female zebra. She looks very much like her son Khumba.