Riverine Rabbit es un protagonista de apoyo que ayuda a Khumba y sus amigos en su viaje.


The Riverine Rabbit is a male Scottish speaking rabbit who appears at the 2nd watering hole. Khumba was trying to look for a watering hole past three mountain peaks to gain the other half of his stripes. A zebra named Khumba with half his stripes comes into their reserve with a female wildebeest named Mama V and a male ostrich named Bradley. They tell them about their journey. The Riverine Rabbit has a blue and white tag in his ear and expklains that he is an endangered species. He then rips it out pridefully. As a cart comes driving down a trail he jumps on the windshield and screams "Eat My Carrots!" He directs them to The Black Eagle  for more help.

He was there with the zebras, antelopes, and new friends to see Phango die and Khumba live.

Back at the Zebra Clan, he is playing with a ball made of twigs with the other zebras and accidently gets knocked out. He wakes up dead though HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. just kidding he wakes up fine.



Riverine Rabbit is stubborn and very short tempered. He seems to have a rebellious rage towards almost anything and everything. He is also very loud and outspoken. He has a very psychotic state of mind.


Riverine Rabbit is a very cute but dirty and Fun furred animal. He has a lot of fluff to his chest, Brown Eyes With black Pupils, Flapping Ear on his Other Side, Shape Jacking Teeth, Black Nose, and White Cotton Tail. He formerly wore a blue and white endangered tag on His Right Ear, and Green Collar On His Neck.


Friendships Khumba, Mama V, Bradley Riverine Rabbit helped all three out a bit. He showed up at the end by the waterfall to see Khumba.


He shares an area of living land with the meerkats and live together peacefully.

Zebra clanEdit

He was playing games with them at the end happily.