Seko es Khumba padre y compañero de la madre de Khumba 's Lungisa.


Seko is a strong leader of the Zebra Clan. He is the father of Khumba the half-stripes zebra and mate of Khumba's mother Lungisa. When Lungisa was giving birth, her son she named Khumba only had the top half of his stripes. The Zebra Clan was confused and then mocked him and outcasted him. The supersticious tribe blamed the lack of stripes for the lack of rainfall causing a drought when Lungisa died from illness. His friend is Thabo.

Outside the perimeter, Tombi and Seko were amazed to discover that Khumba is still alive and is heading towards Phango's cave.

During their epic underwater battle, Phango headlocked Khuma's body to a rock while a large chunk of rock splinters it and cracks the walls of the cave. A waterfall emerges and eventually a watering hole at  the surface. The zebras, antelopes, and friends are gathered watching in suspense. Phango scratches his white butt. Khumba falls the the bottom of the ground when Khumba pushes the rock Phango was on to the ground and another one falls on him while all the rocks start to fall apart. Khumba falls and is presumed dead but awakens. He gains his actual full stripes.

Back at the herd, him and his friends from the National Park are all playing games and the other zebras now accept him for who he is.



Seko is strong, diplomatic, and thoughtful and held in high self-esteem by the rest of his herd. He loves his son but feels torn between the loyalty of his herd to Khumba and his ailing wife Lungisa. When the herd reach crisis point, Seko's leadership skills come to the fore.


Seko is a strong built male zebra with a square face.