Esta especie específica de antílope en la película Khumba es un equipo de rugby de tipos idénticos que emigran a pastos más verdes (y más seguros). No son el grupo más agudo de hombres, pero son una persona entrañable, bondadosa a la que le resulta difícil se dicen el uno al otro. Son alegres, ansiosos de ayudar y tienen una actitud de poder hacer.


They were charging through the desert and helped Khumba, Mama V, and Bradley plow down a high wire fence. They came charging at them when they got stopped byt the fence. The Springobks all got tangled up and claimed the were migrating.


Personality These group of guys are endearing, cheery, and willing to help when needed. They aren't very smart and have trouble telling themselves apart.


They're all broad crean, tan, and brown furred antelopes with black streaks of pigments around their eyes thinly running to their noses.They all have thin black antlers pointed upwards.

Members (According to Wikipedia)Edit

  • Bokkie, Captain, and Koos (Rob Van Vuuren)
  • Percy and Frikkie (Nik Robinowitz)
  • Jannie and Sakkie (Mathew Dylan Roberts)


  • This is the third species of antelope to appear in this movie: 1st Gemsboks, 2nd Mama V the wildebeest, and then 3rd the Springboks.