The Zebra Clan is a herd of zebras living in an enclosed gate they built to secure themselves out of branches in the movie, Khumba.  


The Zebra Clan is a herd of zebras living in an enclosed gate they built to secure themselves out of branches in the movie, Khumba. Their elderly leader is Mkhulu. They also have The Cheerleader Zebras, three female teenager zebras who cheerlead and are quite stuck up. When Lungisa gave birth to Khumba who had a stripeless butt, they became supersticious and blamed him for the following events of the drought and which led to Lungisa 's death.

A couple Gemsboks asked him to let them in because they needed some water. Khumba had no rations but promised them his water supply and let them come in.  He originally only thought the Gemsbok Elder  but several came in. The zebras were disgraced that Khumba had allowed them to enter and the Gemsbok Elder gave up. The walls were no longer secure to the wild. Outside the fortress, a large leopard, Phango, was attacking the Gemsboks and attemted to come into the gates. The zebras freak out when Phango is around close to the opened gates.

She wanted to go find Khumba but Seko insisted thaat he'd go. She kept believing that Khumba was still alive when Seko told the tribe he followed Khumba's tracks and Phango's covered them into a dry river bank. Tombi continued to believe he was still alive. When Tombi was correcting the tribe while sending them off to find Khumba, Thabo admit he's proud of her.

Outside the perimeter, Tombi and Seko were amazed to discover that Khumba is still alive and is heading towards Phango 's cave. During their epic underwater battle, Phango headlocked Khuma's body to a rock while a large chunk of rock splinters it and cracks the walls of the cave. A waterfall emerges and eventually a watering hole at  the surface. The zebras, antelopes, and friends are gathered watching in suspense. Phango scratches his white butt. Khumba falls the the bottom of the ground and is presumed dead but awakens. He gains his actual full stripes and everybody is happy. Tombi bonded with her father.

Back at the herd, all of Khumba's new friends from the National Park are all playing games and the other zebras now accept him for who he is. Khumba and Tombi made friends again and Tombi played soccer with Thabo.